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Makeup remover by Patrick it really worth it?

I was super excited when I was contacted by Patrick star himself to try his new Brand. His called One Size started off with Make up remover products. Days after being contacted by him I received a huge PR box. I decided to create a first impressions video that I'm going to link down below.

Now has past seven months since I try these products And I have a lot to say. To start I was so impressed with the size of the make up wipes they are huge, But they are a little bit dry if if you use them by themselves. It's better to use it pair off with the GO OFF make up remover spray.

They go off make up remover spray was the first make up remover spray that I ever tried in my life. I was impressed how amazing it works to actually break off all the make up and make the removal with the wipes easier. The mess that comes out to apply the product is really soft and nice. The product feels lightweight and feels a little bit oily but after you cleanse your skin it leaves your face feeling hydrated.

As you might know now I do a lot of creative looks lovely special effects and I basically do my make up every day. Which means I got to use this product a lot on this side note I have to say I wish the go off bottle had more product or maybe some instructions to let you know how much product you're meant to use. Since it feels so lightweight you can't actually feel how much product you're putting on till you actually touch your face which in my case, I believe I let myself go a little bit when I was applying the product which means I ran out of product really quickly.

I have to say that I love this product when they are paired together I wouldn't recommend they wipes by themself but I will recommend the go off mist spray make up remover by itself. It was really easy to actually break down my special effects and my create a make ups with this product. Are usually use a lot of balms with oil base to be able to remove my crazy experiments. Like I said before this is a product is to basically break off your make up but you do have to cleanse after.

What I like about the wipes is that they are so big that I actually only use one to remove all my creative make up look, when I usually go for probably 4 to 7 wipes to actually remove the majority of my make up.

So I will give the product a 9 out of 10. It is WORTH IT!

Thank you for reading and I promise I'm gonna put together a list of my favorite make up remover's in my favorite cleansers next week!

xoxo, Mary