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What do I have in my studio?

When I started building my “set up“ I used a topper ware to hold my phone! And I didn’t know where to start. Here is a list of my studio tools and gadgets that will help you.

To start I always recommend getting a ring light. lighting is everything so you can show off your looks on social media. I used to take my pictures with my phone and a ring light when I couldn’t afford a professional camera and it works! Remember that starting somewhere is what matters!

I will leave a link for my Amazon list of my studio to make it easier for you!

The second thing I bought was my camera! I saved for 7 months and waited to buy it on Black Friday. The deals were amazing! end up getting a better one than the one I wanted just because of the sales. Nowdays I still use the same camera Canon T6i.

Then, the biggest mistake ever. I got soft boxes! They are so big that took more than half of my studio! After this mistake finally got Led panels and I love them! Amazing lighting and barely take any space.

For background get a background frame holder and then get some Lycra or strechy fabric. The fabric takes less space and is so much cheaper.

hope these tips help you set up! Send us pictures so we can see your studio 💕.

Amazon Link with Beauty Studio set up