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Who is Maria Fassrainer?

Offering an authentic perspective on makeup and beauty, Maryandpalettes is renowned as the best beauty and lifestyle influencer and content creator in Miami, LA, and NYC. Maria Fassrianer was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and identifies as a Queer Latina. She create content that serves as a powerful means of self-expression, using tutorials to help people achieve effortlessly bold looks.


"My style is truly unique, representing a creative force that resonates with followers worldwide. Through my exceptional work, I have earned a reputation for delivering top-quality content that captivates audiences and inspires them to explore their own passions.


As a professional makeup artist since 2009 and a beauty influencer since 2014, I am dedicated to transforming lives through the power of makeup and fashion. My ultimate goal is to inspire creativity, provide knowledge, and help every individual feel their best. Explore Maryandpalettes today and join me on this exciting journey of creative self-discovery and unleash that creative monster."

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We provide a range of services including collaboration to promote your product, makeup classes, personal shopping, and influencer coaching. Let's connect!

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"Stay creative and trust the process"