My Favorite apps to edit pictures!

Hello! I have decided to share my secret for esiting amazing posts.

  • LightRoom amazing for fixing lighting, saturation or cutting your image without ruining your quality.

  • Snapseed add cool effects to your images to make them look trendy. Also you can convert any picture into a video adding animations.

  • FaceTune helps to remove any pimples or smooth imperfections. Don’t over edit with this app.

  • PicsArt add text to your photos and edit on beauty mode (similar to Facetune).

  • KiraKira make everything shine with dazzle of light. ( not needed )

  • Mojo add text or create amazing stories.

Hope you like this recommendations, if you would like a tutorial let me know. And if you use one of these apps already let me know what you think of it.

xoxo, Mary

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